UK Sources of Company Information

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There is an amazing array of Company Information available today enabling users to find relevant data on a great many aspects of business affairs. Company information in the UK covers hard financial facts sourced from Companies House data, to news aggregators looking at where markets and businesses are heading and looking at the reasons why businesses are thriving or declining. In-between this we have specialist vendors covering niche sectors such as pharmaceuticals or banking to name a few.

  • Financial Information

Companies House holds all data on registered UK companies, from the middle of 2015 they are looking to waive these charges and make all company searches free this will be a great boost for any companies looking to check out a potential business supplier or partner.

If you want to dig deeper than basic company data there are many options for financial  company information vendors who slice and dice the basic data from companies house and add further insights, these do however have a charge attached to them ,

  • Statistical Information

For UK Statistical data the only place to start is the Office of National Statistics, they hold statistical and demographic data on the UK on you can read more about them on a blog post I have written here.

Statista is another great source for statistics not just in the UK but worldwide. They have statistics and studies from more than 18,000 Sources. Some of the data is free, but some has a charge attached to it, there is a basic single account but the next step up costs $49 a month .

  • Market Research

If you are looking to move into a new market then market research is essential, but there are so many places to buy reports it is hard to know where to start. One place that I always go to first is  it covers most countries but you can search for UK data as well, and it lists the cost of each report.

  • News

Many newspapers offer some free data and charge to search their archives , for current data the internet is a great source and you can use your search engine to just search for news stories.

  •  Social Media

You can’t ignore social media as a source, you can monitor what others are saying about a topic or band on may different sites but here are some of my favorites. Topsy searches all tweets since 2006 with a simple search box. Social Mention covers blogs to see what is being talked about. Social Searcher covers all the big social media channels such as facebook, twitter and Google+ as well as the web. There are many more social media monitoring tools .

These links are just a starting point there is a huge amount of data available on each topic, but these should give you a good start on searching in your chosen industry.




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