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Twitter is a platform for those who have lots to say, albeit in 140 characters. You may already be using twitter to its fullest if you have a business, If you are not already a twitter user is their any value in it for your company?

Once you get past the celebrities tweets and pictures of someones lunch there is a valid space for businesses on twitter. Here are 3 key reasons why I think twitter is useful for businesses large and small.

  1. You can interact directly with your customers and followers, if they have a problem they can get to you quickly and you can address it, also if they are happy they can let you know too.
  2. You can interact with industry leaders in your field and find out what they are thinking, and follow trends that you may not already know about.
  3. You can build a following and lead people to your website with a well managed social media campaign.

Next Steps

To get started here are 5 things to do today

  1. Choose a username, something that reflects what you do.
  2. Follow businesses and individuals relevant to your industry.
  3. Re tweet posts that are engaging.
  4. Compose your own posts.
  5. Engage with those who follow or re tweet your tweets.

If you are new to Twitter or just need to refocus then I would recommend a social media checklist from the Whole Brain Group, it covers all social media but with some great tips on Twitter Social Media Checklist

Some statistics claim over half of all those who use twitter will never actually send a tweet and will use twitter as a “curated news feed of updates that reflect their passions”. (1) So be mindful that many followers will never reply to your tweets.

Twitters strap line is “join the conversation” it is essentially a space to network , so treat it like you were meeting a room of people, listen and comment as well as share your views.

As a researcher I use twitter regularly and I use a dashboard called Hootsuite to manage feeds and schedule tweets. It is a great tool that I can’t do without and can be immensely useful in information gathering.




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