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Have you eve been frustrated when you changed computers ( or your hard drive crashed ) and you lost all of your web links ? Or do you use numerous devices iPhone , android , iPad, and PC.
Well worry no more – after losing numerous links when my computer crashed I started to save links into Evernote, it was a little more cumbersome to start with but once I got the hang of it , I started to save useful articles and make notes from meetings as well.
Evernote strap line is “Your life’s work”  They add “For everything you’ll do, Evernote is the workspace to get it done. ” It really is as simple as that, I have been using Evernote for over a year now to store my web links and keep notes of meetings . You can save links and notes into different notebooks. I have notebooks for work, holidays and days out to name a few.
You can save straight from your browser , it is not as great in the iPad, you have to use a browser called dolphin to save links , but I am sure they will sort that out soon. Using a laptop or PC you can clip links or articles straight to Evernote.
There is a premium business user account that I have not used but this is for larger organisations.
In order to use Evernote to its fullest potential you have to tag and categorize links as fully as possible so you can find them again. If I come across a source or package that is not useful at the moment but may well be useful in the future I am sure to clip it into Evernote , more than once this has been incredibly useful.
Evernote are continually updating their site and they post useful videos on You Tube on how to get the most from the site. YouTube
So if you are someone who uses articles and links on a regular basis and are note quite sure where to start saving them – try Evernote.

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