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StatistaStatista is the world’s largest statistics portal. Providing you with access to relevant data from over 18,000 sources. Available in German and English. As a researcher I am a great fan of the site, it is easy to search and has statistics and packaged information for world wide industries

You can search the site for free once you have signed up for a basic account, and around 20% of the statistics on the site are free to view. There are however charges for certain information, some of it packaged into dossiers of information giving you a high value. Alternatively you can pay $49 a month for unlimited access, which for a heavy user of statistics is a small price to pay. There are also pricing packages for larger corporates and universities.

There are some nice features that add value to the site such as the charts and info graphics translating data into simple info graphics – such as this on one wearable tech in the USA.

StatistaIf you need research, information or statistics on a wide range of topics this site should be the first place you look. The site is simple to search and has a range of useful features including:  Industry pages giving a broad overview of global industries, Company pages with in depth information on specific companies such as Apple and Dossiers of information and forecasts.

Statista is a great source of information with a wealth of statistics to save you time and money.

“There are Lies, Dammed Lies & Statistics” – Mark Twain

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