Top Sources – Office for National Statistics

ONSThe Office of National Statistics provides data on economy, population and society at national and local level. They collect the census data every ten years and really are the UK’s top source of free statistical data.

If you were looking to move your business into a new area you could find out from the ONS what the demographics of the new area are . The sheer amount of data on the ONS website can sometimes make it tricky to find the exact data that you need but, if you need data on UK society as a whole this is the first place to look.

The ONS release data sets on a regular basis and these make up the press releases that you often see on the news regarding unemployment, house prices and the price of milk.

An example would be tourism  information on those who holidaying in the UK this year ONS Staycation 

If you are a UK business owner or look to do business in the UK then this is one source that you can’t overlook. There are many countries round the world that have their own versions of National Statistics which can be just as powerful when looking for data on a specific country.




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