Whatever you need researching I’ll know where to find it.¬† I am open to any type of information and research work but here are some services that I offer :

News for websites, twitter and blogs.

Have you started up your website and are now wondering what to update it with?

  • I can help inspire you with lists of relevant news to include on your site, blog or twitter
  • I can track your competitors as well to see what they are doing that is newsworthy.

Market Information for new business ventures.

I can provide information on your chosen market and competitors, covering (where available) data on:

  • Market Overview (Size of Market, Trends)
  • Competitors ( Overview, Size (financials if available),¬†Products / services, News & Social Media Presence)
  • Future and any problems in the market


 Do you have a great idea for an info-graphic but need some sourced data?

  • I can research data and statistics for info-graphic designs.
  • I can answer a specific set of questions for your info graphic or research around a specific theme or title
  • Example of info-graphic that I completed research for designed by AceRocket


  • Have you got a presentation coming up.
  • You know your topic but need some attention grabbing statistics

Corporate Contacts

  • Do you need some specific business contacts?
  • Fed up of buying lists that are already out of date and cost an arm and leg?
  • Looking for particular targeted job titles in your specialist industry sector?

Hiring a researcher saves you time and money by letting you focus on making decisions, products, and sales.

Spend your time using information, not looking for it.