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You have started your business, you have got your website up and running and you have written your first few blog post and tweets – but what next – suddenly there are business decisions to be made, work to do and you still have write those blog posts and tweet.

Well you could start by hire a copywriter.   Ruth Holroyd is a marketing expert who also specialises in copywriting or  Natalie Howells is a freelance writer who also knows a great deal about content strategy for websites.

But if you want to do it yourself and are struggling  there are some great sources on the internet that can give you some inspiration.

Before you start searching you need to work out what your keywords are, what are the words that your customers will be searching for and what are problems that you will be solving? Once you have a list of key words you can start looking for ideas and insights.

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to start searching for news and content.

  • Twitter – You can monitor chosen keywords on hootsuite to get inspiration for blog posts and find out what people in your industry are talking about. You can also publicize your blog posts and interact with leaders in your industry.
  •  is a great site that once you add your preferences will stream content to it describes itself as “the largest and most connected curation publishing platform for professionals.” and their tag line is “You are the content you publish.” You can follow others who share your interests and find some interesting global news stories on the site.
  • Associations /Industry Publications – Make sure you also keep an eye on what is going on with key associations for your industry.

When you start make sure you have a plan, how often do you want to blog ? Start with something you know you can achieve and then work up from there.

If you want a great plan for your blogging strategy then the Whole Brain Group have a great info graphic that gives you a great step by step guide to in this simple Blogging Checklist

So in a nutshell –

  1. Define your keywords
  2. Find content and inspiration
  3. Plan your strategy and blog






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